No. 54-55 (2017): Problems of engineer-pedagogical education. Collection of scientific labours
Problems of engineer-pedagogical education. Collection of scientific labours

The results of scientific researchers at industry professional engineer-pedagogical educations are presented in this collection. The special attention is spared for the questions of educational activity design, realization of innovations in medias-technologies, the usage of IT-technologies in the educational process of higher educational establishment, for the psychological aspects of modern professional education. The problems of content’s formation of higher education with using information technology, hermeneutical approach,   out-of-the-box and competency based, visual monitoring, cloudy technologies, methods of professional and quarry studies, the question of intellectual property research in Ukraine are also considered here.

For researchers, postgraduate, teachers, specialists of professional activity industry.


V Maykovska
Conceptual bases for future specialists’ business competence formation in Ukraine
PDF (Українська)
V. A. Burbiga
Personality-oriented teaching as a paradigm for the training of future engineers-pedagogues
PDF (Українська)
V. Kovalska
Professional training of future engineers in the context of market orientation of engineering activities
PDF (Українська)
V. Lunyachek, N. Ruban, V. Rubachka, V. Timanjuk, N. Fesenko
Competence-based model of a Master’s graduate – an intellectual property professional
PDF (Українська)
A. A. Kharkivska
Strategic management of the system of scientific and methodical work in higher educational establishments
PDF (Українська)
I. Bardus
Structure and content of the professional competence of specialists in the field of information technologies″
PDF (Українська)
O. A. Yeryomenko
Conflictological competences in the "teacher-student" system
PDF (Українська)
I. V. Krasheninnik, V. V. Osadchyi
Short-term training programs for software engineers in formal and non-formal education institutions in Ukraine
PDF (Українська)
A. V. Kuruch
Theoretical aspects of military service members’ political competence formation: historical aspect
PDF (Українська)
N. Yu. Oliinyk
Peculiarities of creating electronic content in blended learning
PDF (Українська)
A. Perminova
A model for improving the development of managerial competence of the head of a department
PDF (Українська)
N. Razumovska
The essence of professional orientation of future specialists in the automobile and road construction industry
PDF (Українська)
I. A. Soloshych
Scientific and research competence of future ecology specialists
PDF (Українська)
A. M. Shaposhnyk, T. A. Lazarieva
Development of a conceptual model of the notion of "Chemical Technology Equipment
PDF (Українська)
L. Shkitsa, O. Kornuta
Informational and methodological support for graphical training of future engineers
PDF (Українська)
G. P. Hrohova
Sports and health tourism as a means maintaining students’ health
PDF (Українська)
M. Mefanik
Сommunicative activity of engineers-pedagogues in the process of vocational training at vocational technical educational institutions
PDF (Українська)
O. S. Predytkevych
Experimental model of the formation of readiness of commanders of military subdivisions for pedagogical facilitation
PDF (Українська)
K. A. Radchenko, G. A. Zmiievskyi, O. V. Petruk
Development and introduction of distance learning courses on tactical disciplines in higher military education institutions
PDF (Українська)
O. Armeyskyy
Peculiarities of development of legal competence of technology teachers in postgraduate pedagogical education
PDF (Українська)
V. Bakatanova
Criteria and technique for the selection of students for engineering-pedagogical specialties
PDF (Українська)
S. M. Berezenska
Application of morphological analysis method for designing the electrical engineering teaching methodology
PDF (Українська)
O. S. Blahyi
The method of formation of health protection competence of future engineers-technologists of the food industry
PDF (Українська)
D. V. Borysenko
Analysis of techniques used for teaching computer-aideddesign todesign specialists
PDF (Русский)
K. B. Borisenko
Technological aspects of the organization of educational practice of future geography teachers in the classical university
PDF (Українська)
Iu. A. Brytan
Substantiation of organizational-pedagogical environment for the development of health protection competence of future engineers-pedagogues in Ukrainian higher educational establishments
PDF (Українська)
G. M. Broslavska
Theoretical substantiation of the structural and functional model of forming future mathematics and physics teachers’ instrumental competences in the process of professional training
PDF (Українська)
N. G. Vasilieva
Development of self-education skills and professional core competencies among university students in continuing education
PDF (Українська)
M. P Zgurskaya, T. V. Nizhevskaya
Evaluation of the dependence of qualitative variables on the results of a pedagogical experiment
PDF (Українська)
A. L. Litvinov
Intensification of the educational process using Electronics Workbench in computer disciplines
PDF (Українська)
O. Matviichuk-Yudina, S. Loboda
The project method in the process of the development of infographic competence of future bachelors of cyber security
PDF (Українська)
L. M. Mostova, G. V. Zaparenko
Online excursions at the restaurant as a modern active learning method
PDF (Українська)
Yu. Oliinyk, N. Buinova
Using of Web-quest for practical training of specialists in hygiene and sanitation
PDF (Українська)
E. A. Remizantseva, G. I. Zelenin
The role of syntax semantics development in teaching a foreign language to future teacher-engineers
PDF (Українська)
N. Rudevich
Criteria and indicators of the effectiveness of the methodological system of professional training of future grid automation engineers on the basis of causal training
PDF (Українська)
A. Stonoha
Creation of kinetic and verbal image of future engineers-teachers
PDF (Українська)
I. P. Upatova
Methodological training of future teachers through the implementation of didactic-methodological complexes
PDF (Українська)
V. S. Kharkivsky
Comparative analysis of the results of the introduction of a structural and functional model of the development of legal competence of medical specialists in postgraduate education
PDF (Українська)
I. O. Chebotarova
Measuring communicative competence of future heads of educational institutions in the process of a pedagogical experiment
PDF (Українська)
T. V. Yaschun, E. V. Gromov
The pedagogical aspects of developing methodological support for distance learning study of the programming language C#
PDF (Українська)
O. O. Romanovska
Syndrome of emotional burnout in the professional activity of the university teacher as a psychological and pedagogical problem
PDF (Українська)
O. V. Sokolyuk
Analysis of the problem of monitoring the development of healthimproving physical activity of future physical education teachers
PDF (Українська)
I. G. Vasilyeva
Peculiarities of the professional activity of the higher school teacher in the conditions of personalization of modern education
PDF (Українська)
N. V. Volkova
Methods of boosting creativity of future engineers-pedagogues in the process of professional knowledge acquisition
PDF (Українська)