No. 58 (2018): Problems of engineer-pedagogical education. Collection of scientific labours
Problems of engineer-pedagogical education. Collection of scientific labours

The results of scientific researchers at industry professional engineer-pedagogical educations are presented in this collection. The special attention is spared for the questions of educational activity design, realization of innovations in medias-technologies, the usage of IT-technologies in the educational process of higher educational establishment, for the psychological aspects of modern professional education. The problems of content’s formation of higher education with using information technology, hermeneutical approach,   out-of-the-box and competency based, visual monitoring, cloudy technologies, methods of professional and quarry studies, the question of intellectual property research in Ukraine are also considered here.

For researchers, postgraduate, teachers, specialists of professional activity industry.


H. Zelenin
The principles of blended teaching of English for Specific Purposes at engineering and pedagogical higher educational institutions
pdf (Українська)
O. Varych, M. Savokhina
Limitations on university teachers’ academic freedom while designing syllabuses for academic disciplines
pdf (Українська)
V. Kuleshova
Development of creative competence of future engineers in the process of their vocational training
pdf (Українська)
N. Lazarev, A. Mosienko, A. Tarasenko
Profession-oriented formation of models of electrical devices of industrial equipment
pdf (Українська)
A. Paiunova
Formation of scientific research competence of future engineers-pedagoges of higher educational institutions
pdf (Українська)
N. Vasilyeva
Peculiarities of implementing the personality-oriented teaching technique in the process of acquiring legal disciplines at higher educational institutions (other than law schools)
pdf (Українська)
T. Bondarenko, O. Ageeva
Vocational training quality for skilled workers of railway profile: state and problems of organization
pdf (Українська)
O. Dehtiarova
Evaluation of Professional Competence of School Principals in the USA
pdf (Українська)
K. Ryabchykova
Virtual mobility and intercultural competence in the process of training of fashion designers
pdf (Українська)
I. Smolina, O. Shchetynina
Organization of students’ independent learning by means of using mass open online courses
pdf (Українська)
T. Yaschun, E. Gromov
Pedagogical aspects of teaching programming in C# by means of creating a multi-module project
pdf (Українська)
H. Alieksieieva
Information culture formation model of foreign students of engineering and pedagogical specialties
pdf (Українська)
I. Bardus
Criteria and indicators of the effectiveness of the methodological system of fundamentalized training of future specialists in the field of information technologies
pdf (Українська)
S. Berezenska
Experimental study on the efficiency of teaching electrical engineering under conditions of blended learning
pdf (Українська)
A. Stolitnii
Training of prosecutors working with the functional of unified register of pretrial investigations
pdf (Українська)
A. Kuruch
Patriotism as the basis of political competence: the experience of the Turkish Republic
pdf (Українська)
L. Luzan
Development of communicative competence of managers of education in the process of professional development
pdf (Українська)
A. Stonoha
The process of pedagogical image development
pdf (Українська)