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child-centered approach
human-centered approach
pedagogical design
professional development
preschool education institutions


In the article the author analyzes the features of professional development of educators on the basis of
human-centered and child-centered approaches. It was found that the implementation of the ideas of personaldevelopmental education raises the question of the need for compliance of professional qualifications of
nursery school teachers with modern world trends in the development of higher pedagogical education. The
essence of the concept “competence” as well as the concept “educational competence” is defined as an
assessment category that characterizes the teacher as a subject of educational activities in the education system
and requires professionalism, pedagogical knowledge, skills, professional positions and attitudes necessary for
an active and productive professional activity. In the context of the study, it was proved that pedagogical
interaction with preschool children is extremely necessary in the activities of educators, which directly reflects
a special form of communication between the subjects of the educational process, including the educator and
the child. This is a direct contact between the educator and the preschooler, which affects the formation of the
child’s personality, their development and upbringing, behavior, feelings and emotional state, and so on. The
author of the article notes that human-centered and child-centered approaches in pedagogical design are based
on the need to create conditions for self-improvement and wholesome development of all participants in
pedagogical interaction through knowledge of human nature and patterns of their development. Accordingly,
there is a development and enrichment of intellectual abilities of subjects of educational activity, their creative
thinking and energy for creative activity, spiritual and moral forces, development of value orientations, which is
the main purpose of the projected transformations. The paper proves the relevance of using the method of
pedagogical design on the basis of human-centered and child-centered approaches, which are the basis of the
project structure, which provides binding goals and objectives, description of expected outcomes, audit of
available resources, etc. It is clear that the problem of personal and professional growth is one of the current
problems of educational science in general and educational professional activity in particular. The author
concludes that the most important conditions for the harmonious development of preschool children
are the personal professional growth of future nursery school teachers on the basis of human-centered and
child-centered approaches. Thus, the main task in the process of professional development of nursery school
teachers for preschool children is to help preschool children develop life competence, ideals, values, improve
their abilities and so on.

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