teacher of technical disciplines
pedagogical design
design activity
structure of the design activity
didactic project
vocational education


The article considers the requirements of the modern educational environment to the professional
activity of teaching staff and the need to plan their short- and long-term activities. These requirements
activate pedagogical design as a type of activities of teaching staff.
Examples of research into this question in works of various scientists are analyzed. Information on
various theoretical and practical problems of design as subjects of scientific research is generalized. The
skills that future teachers should develop within the training process, which will allow them to carry out
design activities and form the basis of design competence, are characterized.
The definitions of the concepts "design activity" by different authors are given and analyzed, among
which the concept that is most expedient to the subject of our research is determined. Design activity is
claimed to be inherent in any pedagogical worker, regardless of where they work. Characteristics of design
activities are considered on the example of a future engineer-teacher, a vocational education teacher of
technical disciplines.
The necessity of developing pedagogical design skills of future engineers-teachers, teachers of
technical disciplines in a higher education institution is substantiated. Examples of types of projects that can
be developed in the system of vocational education are given. The comparative characteristics of pedagogical
and didactic projects are carried out. The general structure of an activity of the engineer-teacher on didactic
design is given; activity stages and elements of each of the stages are defined. On the basis of the general
structure of didactic design activities, modeling of the design activity of the future engineer-teacher, the
teacher of technical disciplines of a vocational education institution while designing a didactic project within
a technical discipline course defined by the standard of professional education is carried out. The
characteristic features of the organization of the educational process on the basis of the standards of
vocational education, developed on the basis of the competence approach, are given.
The clearly structured algorithm of the design activity for a didactic project in a technical discipline
offered in the article allows adjusting students’ activities while performing similar tasks in the course of
studying at an education institution and has practical value for teachers of the system of vocational

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