Vol. 80 (2023): Problems of Engineering Pedagogic Education
Problems of Engineering Pedagogic Education


O. Chuіeshkova
ʺFormation of speech culture as an integral sign of national consciousness of students of the "Local studies and tourism work" educational program in the Ukrainian language classes (for professional orientation)ʺ.
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L. Bachiieva
ʺTo the issue of importance to prepare vocational teachers for research activitiesʺ
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O. Bryntseva, A. Podorozhna
ʺФормування соціокультурної компетентності майбутніх інженерів у процесі навчання англійської мови за професійним спрямуваннямʺ
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S. Derevenets, V. Litovchenco
ʺKettle juggling as an effective means of general physical training of studentsʺ.
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M. Kondrashkin
ʺFormation of patriotic competence in the educational environment in institutions of professional higher education.ʺ
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Ya. Bilash
ʺThe role of the educational environment in the civic education of schoolchildrenʺ
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H. Zelenin
O. Budanov
ʺRole of information technologies in the process of professional preparation of studentslawyers of military-legal facultiesʺ.
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N. Rotova
ʺTeaching Ukrainian as a Foreign Language in Multinational and Mononational Student Groups of Engineering and Engineering-Pedagogical Specialities: Priority Methods and Specific Featuresʺ.
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O. Dvornyk, N. Ruban
ʺThe state of development of teachers' social competence for work with learners in difficult life circumstances in the postgraduate education systemʺ
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S. Lysenko
ʺMethods of developing an individual educational trajectory for computer specialists in non-formal educationʺ
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