ʺRole of information technologies in the process of professional preparation of studentslawyers of military-legal facultiesʺ.
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information technologies
professional preparation
military-legal faculty
military-legal activity

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Budanov, O. . (2024). ʺRole of information technologies in the process of professional preparation of studentslawyers of military-legal facultiesʺ. Problems of Engineer-Pedagogical Education, 80. Retrieved from http://jped.uipa.edu.ua/index.php/JPED/article/view/539


It has been shown that the stagnation of information technologies in all spheres of corporate activity
requires radical approaches to change the place and organization of professional education, including
military legal education of law cadets at military law faculties lays the foundation for the greatest education
in Ukraine.
The problems of informatization of the Ukrainian military law school have been identified, in
particular: the existence of a unified methodology for the introduction of new information technologies in the
initial process of military legal faculties; low level of cooperation and coordination of the activities of
military and law faculties of the major educational institutions of Ukraine with the creation of a unified legal
and legal framework for software support; insufficient preparation of professorial and educational skills in
special departments of military and law faculties, etc.

The process of informatization of professional training of legal cadets for future military-legal
activities, which is related to us in advance of ensuring the necessary level of technical equipment for the
initial process, is examined. with a clear focus on professional legal and legal tasks in the minds of an
operational situation, and especially in the extreme minds of a wartime situation. Current realities dictate the
need to search for nobles and ways to improve the information literacy of law cadets of military law faculties
of the Western Military District of Ukraine.
The main directions of intensive informatization of legal information to improve the level of
professional training of future military lawyers have been established and named. The systemic development
of a complex of information technologies of general and special significance in the initial process of military
and law faculties as the foundation of the greater education of Ukraine is described.
Options for the integration of information technologies have been proposed in the departments of
professional training of law students in the military forces. Particular respect is given to the possibilities of
remote training of law cadets during military training in the minds of military personnel.
The practical significance of the development of information technologies on the basis of highly
automated technologies has been emphasized, which allows optimizing the initial process at the military and
law faculties of Ukraine's advanced knowledge for the profession. current training of legal cadets at the
highest level of legal tasks in extreme minds of military legal activity for the military regime.

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