No. 59 (2018): Problems of engineer-pedagogical education. Collection of scientific labours
Problems of engineer-pedagogical education. Collection of scientific labours

The results of scientific researchers at industry professional engineer-pedagogical educations are presented in this collection. The special attention is spared for the questions of educational activity design, realization of innovations in medias-technologies, the usage of IT-technologies in the educational process of higher educational establishment, for the psychological aspects of modern professional education. The problems of content’s formation of higher education with using information technology, hermeneutical approach,   out-of-the-box and competency based, visual monitoring, cloudy technologies, methods of professional and quarry studies, the question of intellectual property research in Ukraine are also considered here.

For researchers, postgraduate, teachers, specialists of professional activity industry.


O. A. Titova
Implementation of the activity approach for the development of engineering students’ creative potential
pdf (Українська)
A. Ivanova
The role of industrial placement in vocational training of engineers-teachers of the transport industry
pdf (Українська)
N. Kulalaieva
Concept of inculcating the culture of occupational safety among future qualified construction workers
pdf (Українська)
T. Savielieva
Basic concepts of the study of training junior specialists in the service sector on adaptive principles″
pdf (Українська)
Yu. Sachuk
″Professional Training on Cybersecurity and Information Protection: Thesaurus and Ontology
pdf (Русский)
M. Alsadoon
Websites as a modern means of boosting a specialist’s professionalism
pdf (Українська)
V. B. Bakatanova, V. I. Baglay
Expert assessment of the dual form of training of railroad workers in an educational and industrial complex
pdf (Українська)
O. A. Yeriomenko
Some questions on the creation of the adaptive system of training Masters specializing in management of educational institutions
pdf (Українська)
M. Rostoka, A. Guraluk
Informational And Didactic Modeling Of The Content Of The E-Textbook On The Mechanization Of Agricultural Production On The Basis Of The Ontological Approach
pdf (Українська)
A. Volivach, G. Khimicheva
Using the PEST-analysis method to determine the impact of risk factors on the educational activities of a higher learning institution
pdf (Українська)
L. Fomenko
The principles of the development of future computer science teachers’ cognitive activity in the process of training in mathematics
pdf (Українська)
O. Shamraliuk
A technique of inculcating technological culture among masters of production training in the agrarian sphere under the conditions of the regional methodological service center
pdf (Українська)