Students’ internal world and its evolvement during the study at university
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internal world
learning process
value-and-notional system


The article reveals the contents of a person’s internal world and the role of education
system in its formation in the course of study. The higher educational establishment is a
formation and development of students’ professional self-consciousness where success of their
activity depends of a great extent. In this connection, the study of a student’s needs-andmotivation
sphere, their formation for directedness at successful professional activity is actual
and topical. There is shown the role of students’ aims-formation which integrates the structure
of regulatory processes into the whole. There is noted the role of convictions which in many
respects determine the value attributed by us to processes, and lay at the foundation of
motivation, supporting or repressing some or other abilities and behaviors. There is also
revealed the contents of value-and-notional approach to the teacher’s personality which
enhances the disclosure and realization of their potential, acquiring of new senses of
pedagogic activity. The proposed technologies favorably influence the value-and-notional
component of not only students’ internal world, but also a teacher’s personality which ensures
formation of students’ needs and interests, motives and aims that activate their activity.

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