Features of the individual teacher of technical disciplines in higher educational establishments
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teacher of technical disciplines
professionally important qualities
personal potential
professional and personal development of the expert
professional growth
identity of the professional


Authors in article pay attention to the identity of technical disciplines teacher. It is
claimed that specifics of many professions leave a mark to the expert, including in addition
some immanent properties of the personality which are defined by features of a profession. In
certain cases the health level, resistance to stresses and so on are specified.
It is allocated fuller set of personal qualities of technical disciplines teacher as creative
person with social and professional significant characteristics. Personal potential of the expert is
characterized. It is allocated structure of the expert. The considerable attention is paid for the
professional personal development of the expert (pre-university, high school and postgraduate
stages). V. Kuleshova, V. Malevanaya note that the identity of technical disciplines teacher is
formed, developed, self-actualized, improve in professional activity and like as an active subject
of this activity changes himself and his activity. It is revealed that the main resulting effect of
professional and pedagogical preparation and retraining of technical disciplines teachers in
system of postgraduate engineering pedagogical education is the key of competences formation
which allowing it to perform professional functions with the basis of the available knowledge.

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