Features of educational work at present in higher education
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оrganization vospytatelnoy work
coaching institute
studencheskoe selfgovernment
comprehensive razvytaya personality
and humanyzatsyya humanytaryzatsyya education
prevention deviant behavior


In the article features educational activities at the university, the aims, objectives and
principles of educational work in higher education. The article highlighted elements that
provide content organization and management structure of educational activities in higher
education; quality education is seen as a system characteristic of education; determined by the
level of educational activities. The author notes problems with Aborted skills training of
graduate schools and ways to overcome them, including the role of coaching institute, which
carries out important work to create student groups, promotes regularity and complexity of
educational work with students helps prevent deviant behavior of youth. Attention is paid to
research the specifics of humanization and humanization of education at the present stage as
factors that contribute to the formation of future professionals a more complete picture of the
world, which coincides with the general purpose of education and training of cultural rights.
Support for the initiative, proactive stance, values students is a real indicator of civilized
society, strengthening democratic principles in it.

PDF (Українська)