The substantiation of research problem actuality for health safety competence of students-foreigners formation in Ukrainian higher educational establishments
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health safety competence
formation, student-foreigner
Ukrainian higher educational establishment
problem actuality
problem actualityproblem analysis
professional’s background


An analyze of problems which come out from participation of students-foreigners into
education/bringing-up process of Ukrainian higher educational establishments are contributed at
the article. A health as characteristic of quality preparation of students is considered. It is set that
providing of health culture and healthy life of future specialist with certain professional activity
scientists bind to the process of P.E that it is suggested with various ways and facilities for perfect.
It is set that at the modern stage of personality formation including the professional preparation of
future specialist taking into account a priority of the competency-based approach for their
providing and there is a question about the health safety competence. The lines of problem
research for students-foreigners preparation in Ukrainian higher educational establishments are
analyzed. It is set that modern scientists bind the problem of foreign students preparation is
closely connected with their language preparation at the preparatory courses, with adaptation of
foreign students during propaedeutic preparation and trade training. The current rifts which are
responsible for problem actuality of healthy life formation, health cultures, health safe competence
of students-foreigners and were not taking account at the research article are determinate.

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