Paradoxical phenomenon of leadership
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nature and causes of paradoxes
unlike the leader of the others
developed intuition
manifestations of the paradoxical leadership
leadership impact
influence the intensity


Leadership phenomenon is interesting because most people are quite voluntarily accept
some power over the leader himself and his actions are based on the influence of its psychological
impact. But the analysis of the phenomenon of leadership is also evidence of the presence, and
other characteristics of leadership. One of them is the fact that its function as a social phenomenon
is often accompanied by various manifestations of paradoxes. They are made in unusual,
unexpected actions and decisions of the leader who is often sharply at odds with the generally
accepted ideas, and even common sense. This manifestation of the paradoxical nature of leadership
are not yet sufficiently studied.
Paradoxes are found in the decisions and actions of the leaders, in their statements and
actions, behavior and lifestyle. Most often it is the paradoxes provide leaders to effectively address
the complex problem situations. The reason is the difference between the paradoxes of mental and
intellectual qualities of the leaders of the common people. One of these differences is in a special
vision and the leaders of the assessment not only of problematic situations, but also everyday
things and phenomena. This vision is determined by the compound of the leaders in-depth
knowledge, experience and developed intuition. However, many features of the manifestation of
the life and activity leaders consider the norm, while the majority of other people, they seem to be
A striking example of this paradox is that many leaders can successfully lead the various
groups and people to ensure the achievement of the purposes of their joint activity, not only having
a formal governmental authority, but not carrying the usual administrative functions. Special
efficiency paradox demonstrates leadership in innovative stage in the development of human

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