Psychological-pedagogical conditions of motivation development in foreign language teaching of engineering-pedagogical disciplines students.
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professional activity
foreign language
psychological-pedagogical conditions


This article analyses the terms "motive", "internal and external motivation. The
psychological-pedagogical conditions of motivation development concerning to foreign
language studying among students of engineering-pedagogical specialties are concerned and
the different approaches of positive motivation formation, preservation and development of
students concerning to the subject of "foreign language" are suggested, and the peculiarities
of foreign language teaching of engineering-pedagogical specialties students, having negative effect on the educational process efficiency are defined. The technologies of pedagogical
influence concerning to motivation development of foreign language studying: the technology
of direct influence, the technology of synchronized influence, the technology of indirect
influence are exposed in the given article. The correct interpretation and practical using of the
given technologies can help the teacher to disclose the necessity of foreign language practical
using in future professional activity, to educate in-depth approach to specialization choosing.

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