Psyholoho-pedagogical influence in the management of teaching staff: theoretical aspekts
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psychological and pedagogical impact
the head of the institution
teaching staff
teacher management


The article is devoted to one of the important areas of educational reform in Ukraine - the
creation of conditions for professional teachers and providing them a high status in society. This calls
today from the administration of the institution make every effort for the implementation of social and
psychological functions of management, which aims to create a favorable social and psychological
microclimate necessary for the formation of productive teaching staff, the team of associates who sideby
-side solve complex problem - identity formation. In this regard, there is a need to develop new
approaches, technologies and mechanisms of educational institutions.
The article proved that the most important activities in the head of the institution has such
psychological and pedagogical methods of influence as belief requirement, criticism, encouragement
and coercion. It is noted that the effectiveness of the methods of rewards and punishments determined
by the ability of the head to consider stimulating pedagogical principles: accuracy, fairness, timeliness
and transparency.
The article states that the choice of method or its reception depends primarily on the conditions
in which this method is used, in the managerial situation. Attention is drawn to the fact that the ability
to operate with the methods of influence and is formed primarily in the experience of the head of the
institution, the personal management practices, but the starting point is the knowledge that all leaders of
the range and diversity of methods of psychological and educational impact.

PDF (Українська)