Consideration of the logistic approach in the study subjects "Management of Intellectual Property
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intellectual property management
logistics campaign
logistics MIS system
logistic chain


The article considered the necessity of inclusion to the program of discipline "Intellectual
Property Management" topic or section "Logistics in the field of intellectual property." This is due
to the fact that the logistics as a science based on the approaches, methods, mathematical models
that allow to the most rapidly and intensely to plan, monitor and manage the progress of the object,
its accompanying resource flows. As a control object selected OIC which is the main through-flow
of material passing along the logistics chains, ranging from the primary source - innovations
(technical proposal, a patent), to a specific user. The paper invited to consider the logistics of
intellectual property management system (MIS), developed and presented to the relevant
terminology such basic concepts as: logistics system MIS, logistics material flow MIS, logistics
MIS function, etc .; The prospects and feasibility of using logistic approach given at the list of
topics and issues which is invited to consider as the base material for the new theme (section) for
the study of intellectual property management.

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