Simplification of educational texts on technical disciplines as a method of didactic reduction
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didactic reduction
technical disciplines
technical texts
determination of texts complexity
educational texts
educational literature


On the basis of the conducted theoretical research main types of a text simplification, and
also the manual, automated and automatic technicians of application of a method are systematized.
It is defined that application of the considered method of a didactic reduction is caused by
continuous growth of theoretical and empirical data on disciplines of the corresponding direction.
It is revealed that methods of determination of texts complexity as well as simplification
technicians are directed to the general cases and generally don't consider specifics of technical
texts – existence of symbolical designations, definition and/or transformation of number of
variables in formulas, different types of communications in charts, columns, schemes etc.
Revealed a possibility of application of a didactic reduction method for technical disciplines that
provide of adaptation to specifics of the corresponding technical subject domain which consist in
development of analysis algorithms of formulas, schemes, tables, schedules, counts,hodographs
and other types of illustrative material which occurs in technical texts. It is also revealed an urgent
need for adaptation of simplification method to the texts submitted in the Ukrainian language.

PDF (Українська)