Article Publishing Charges (APCs)

At the moment, JPED works under Open Access Articles model, i.e. publication is funded by payments made by authors, their institution or funding bodies, which is commonly known as Article Publishing Charges (APCs). Our goal is to ensure that articles are published as quickly as possible, subject to appropriate quality controls, and widely spread. Where an author has chosen to publish open access, which typically involves the upfront payment of an article publishing charge (APC), we will also make her article immediately and freely available upon publication on the Journal website. In order to increase impact, the articles will also be uploaded to data bases supporting article sharing.

Adjustments in JPED APC prices are under regular review and are subject to change. The fee is spent on laying out, abstract translation, copyediting, and printing. The APC prices are set depending on the average number of articles á year as well as number of personnel involved in above mentioned activities.

We set APC prices based on the following considerations:

  • Full paper (up to 8000 words) – 0 EUR
  • Short paper or research report (up to 4000 words) – 0 EUR
  • Invited full paper – 0 EUR
  • Invited short paper or research report – 0 EUR

Variations* in pricing will be clearly displayed on the Journal homepage.