future teacher of engineering disciplines
communicative competence
project-based learning (web-projects)
case study method
cooperation learning
pedagogical conditions
interdisciplinary integration


The article attempts to concretize the concept of «communicative competence» of future teachers of
engineering disciplines as dynamic integrative professionally-important personal quality, providing the
productive intercultural professional interaction in solving engineering and pedagogical problems and
communication situations in the process of pedagogical activity, and including the motivationally-valuable,
cognitive, activity, reflexive and evaluative components ; to substantiate and develop the pedagogical
conditions for formation of communicative competence.
The author of the article emphasizes that the communicative competence development of future
teachers of engineering disciplines will be effective under the following pedagogical conditions: the
enrichment of training content with material, updating the value of interpersonal and intercultural
professional communication, which is reflected in the expansion of the content by providing the intellectual
development of the students and the development of metacapabilities, metaknowledge, professional and
personal qualities through the implementation of the principles of thematic interdisciplinary integration,
diversity, multifunctionality and dynamism; substantive and continuous updating of the communicative
educational environment as a cooperative product and as a process of communicative interaction, based on
the systematic integration of human and professional contexts; activation of student activities in the
communicative educational environment by student-centered pedagogical technologies using the pedagogical
support of students. The article identifies the need to use the principle of thematic interdisciplinary
integration as a way of pedagogical conditions realization, providing the communicative competence
development, in which the ability to work well as part of a team, cooperation and social adaptation skills are
developed and formed, significant for communicative competence. The author proposes a way to implement
the principle of thematic interdisciplinary integration in the form of project methods, web projects, and
portfolio as effective ways to create a meaningful, professional, creative/research product, which contributes
to the communication skills intensification of future teachers of engineering disciplines.
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