A computer support system for curriculum development
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higher education institutions
educational documentation
optimization of educational information
computer support system for curriculum development
computer technologies
formal and actual requirements
time and quantitative restrictions
schedule of the educational process


The paper substantiates the problem of timely and competent determining the need for specific
educational services in the higher education system. It was noted that in order to provide higher education for
the appropriate degree in specific specialties the development of corresponding curricula is required. A
detailed analysis of the existing automation systems for the preparation of educational documentation, both
in Ukraine and abroad, was carried out. There was revealed a practical absence of projects that allow
automating the process of developing curricula according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education
and Science, which have a convenient and intuitive interface and can be freely shared. Based on the results
of the analysis, tasks that can be assigned to the developer of a computer support system for curriculum
development have been formulated. The types of information and computer operations, the execution of
which is relevant to the performance of each of the tasks, have been justified. The specification of the list of
requirements for the curricula of specialties has been made. The concretization consists in the division of
requirements into formal and actual, as well as in putting them in order of priority in compliance. Formal
requirements have been divided into three semantic parts, differing in the features of automation. The
appropriate computer system that provides the ability to quickly develop a curriculum with the calculation of
the required values and taking into account the limitations, promptly makes changes to the curriculum with
the identification of errors and inconsistencies, and automatically corrects some typical data entry errors has
been developed with the help of the MS Excel and the VBA. The computer support system for curriculum
development has been shown in the form of a workbook consisting of 6 sheets, according to the existing
semantic sections of the curriculum: a title page, an educational process schedule, a consolidated time budget
(in weeks), an educational process plan, a summary table of the amount of learning sessions, types of
internships and the Final State Certification. The work of the computer support system for curriculum
development has been demonstrated

pdf (Українська)