Communication training as a means of professionally important qualities development of future law enforcement officers
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future law enforcement officers
future law enforcement officersprofessionally important qualities
teaching technology
interactive teaching methods


The article states that prospects for Ukrainian law enforcement system integration into the
international, in particular European, legal system as well as the increasing public’s demands for Ukrainian
law enforcement agencies condition the need to find ways of improving the practical training of future law
enforcement officers, including the communication training as a means of developing professionally
important qualities of future law enforcement officers. The author highlights that the personal and
professional qualities of a law enforcement officer are the basis of their professional competence; to develop
their professional competence, it is necessary to know the required standards for a personality of a future law
enforcement officer. Considering the peculiarities of the future law enforcement officer’s professional
activity and its structure, the author considers and analyses the personal and professional qualities of the
specialist in this field.
The method of training is considered by the author from the perspective of modern, innovative
educational means, allowing to integrate the principles of contextual education into a vocational educational
environment, since the training technologies are based on the key principles of game modelling (effect,
exercise, association, communication, achievement of expected results, etc.) and they are balanced through
the application of traditional and innovative simulation techniques. Considering the specification of law
enforcement and professionally important qualities of future law enforcement officer, in order to ensure
effective professional interaction and development of professional communicative culture, the author
concludes that it is advisable to combine and use the elements of communicative training, sociopsychological and practical-vocational training. Vocational and communication training application at higher
educational institutions, which fosters the development of professionally important qualities and the
implementation of integrative content in the vocational training of future law enforcement officers, aims to
develop strong-willed qualities and communicative tolerance, empathy, communicative and organisational
inclinations, self-regulation and communication control of future law enforcement officers.

pdf (Українська)