Forms of work on the development of methodological competence of technology teachers in the postgraduate education system
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methodological competency
the structure of methodological competency of the teacher
stages of methodological competency development of a technology teacher
postgraduate education


The public policy on education in Ukraine is aimed to reform the system of education by the
principles of humanism, humancentrism, person oriented and competence approach; to imply the best world
experience, to democratize the system of education, the academic freedom of a teacher.
This article describes what forms of work for developing the methodological competence of a
technology teacher are used in the postgraduate education system. It is described the objectives of teachers
training at different stages of methodological competency development during their attendance of the skills
development courses, such as: diagnostic, motivational, activity-technological, reflexive, taking into account
the peculiarities of every component of teacher’s methodological competency and modern principles of
educational process construction in the institution of postgraduate pedagogical education.
The article contains the analysis of the scientific sources that shows the existence of the significant
number of works dedicated to the implementation of the competency approach in the professional teacher
training. At the same time, the issue of teachers’ technologies methodological competency development
at different stages of their professional activity and during their attendance of the skills development
courses is researched insufficiently.
The peculiarities of teacher training at every stage of development of methodological competency are
outlined in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Education” (2017), considering the principles of
Conception of the New Ukrainian School, objectives of the State Standard of General Secondary Education as
basis of substantive content of educational process and current curriculum on manual skills and technologies.
The article defines the purpose of technology teachers advanced training; describes the structural
components of the methodological competence of a technology teacher; the stages of development of
methodological competence. The forms of work, respectively, at each stage are characterized. The structural
components of the methodological competence determine the content and forms of work with teachers
during training in continuing education courses.
The article also lists the criteria for innovative forms of work with technology teachers in continuing
education courses and methodological activities. The conditions for the design of organization innovative
forms of the educational process in the advanced training system for teacher-technologists are determined.
pdf (Українська)
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