"Assessment of the competence formation in the security and protection of intellectual property rights field among employees of general secondary education institutions by means of qualimetry.
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intellectual property rights
employees of institutions of general secondary education
factorial-initial model


The paper presents materials that highlight the process of assessing the employees competence of
general secondary education institutions in the field of intellectual property by means of qualimetry, which is
an important component of the positive dynamics of their integral competence in the context of innovative
development of education. The works of domestic and foreign scientists on pedagogical qualimetry, who are
actively involved in the development of factor-criterion models for assessing individual competencies of
pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers are considered in detail. The urgency of the creation of
procedures for measuring the formation of individual competencies of teachers in the framework of the
formation and improvement of their integral professional competence in the course of life has been proved.
The work created a procedure for measuring the level of employees competence formation of general
secondary education institutions (UESO) in a specific area - the sphere of security and protection of
intellectual property rights. The authors have developed a factor-criterion model "Assessment of the teacher
competence formation level of educational institutions in the intellectual property field ". The model shows
the competencied factors that were previously declared by the authors in the competence model of the
teacher of the USE in the intellectual property field, and the criteria are formulated based on the structure of
each competence, that is, the corresponding knowledge, skills, abilities and other personal and professional
qualities. The use of tools for determining criteria is described. Assessment experts in the process of
constructing and using the developed factor-criterion model were the leading specialists in the field of
intellectual property, who are also the leading specialists in the field of education. To understand the
measurement procedure, according to individual criteria, several examples of the instruments are given. It is
noted that an important aspect of a comprehensive solution to the issue of introducing a qualimetric approach
in the education system is the introduction of relevant academic disciplines into the curricula for training
specialists in higher education institutions of a pedagogical direction is advisable to conduct special training
seminars for heads of educational institutions on the introduction of a qualimetric approach into their

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