Present state of improvement of qualification of teachers of higher education institutions in the field of intellectual property
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Intellectual Property
advanced training
scientific and pedagogical workers
higher education institutions


The article identifies the differences between foreign and domestic teacher training systems and
emphasizes the importance of knowledge in the field of intellectual property for professionals in many fields,
as well as their impact on the active development of innovation and technology in the country. The draft
national strategy for the development of intellectual property provides for the restoration of the system of
retraining and promotion in Ukraine in the first stage.
The list of legislative documents that establish updated requirements for in-service training of
teachers is given. Changes on professional development of scientific and pedagogical workers according to
the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 21.08.2019 № 800 "Some issues of professional development
of pedagogical and scientific and pedagogical workers" are analyzed. The main methods of teaching in the
field of intellectual property recommended by the World Intellectual Property Organization are presented.
The analysis of offers on the market of advanced training and training of intellectual property specialists
in Ukraine is carried out and the list of providers of such services is given. In order to form intellectual property
competencies in freelance teachers of various specialties and their graduates, it is recommended to expand the
geography and diversify the offers of specialties in the market of professional development and training of
intellectual property specialists in Ukraine. Emphasis is placed on the need for additional education of research
and teaching staff of higher education institutions of Ukraine through the use of mixed and dual forms, which
combine full-time and distance learning and use a variety of methods and effective tools currently provided by
the Internet and forms of education: seminars, trainings, master -classes.
The program of advanced training of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical worker’s institutions of
higher education on formation of competences in the field of intellectual property according to the accredited
educational program "Management of intellectual property" in the Ukrainian engineering and pedagogical
academy (Kharkiv) is substantiated.
pdf (Українська)
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