Formation of the civil safety specialist’s personality on the basis of the value of health: humanistic paradigm
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value of health
healthy individual
occupational health
vocational training of future civil safety professionals
humanistic paradigm


The article deals with the question of vocational training of future civil safety professionals based on the
humanistic paradigm of modern education. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of the formation of
the occupational health of civil safety specialists as a tool of their professional suitability, professional
formation and development, a means of preventing occupational deformities and professional burnout.
The importance of health for a single individual and modern society as a whole is characterized as well as
the dependence of “the value of health” on individual health experiences is illustrated. The article highlights the
need to implement health behaviour and health-related activities for a successful individual health experience.
The modern views on the attitude to health within the system of “an individual-health-society” are analysed.
The types of attitude to health are presented from the perspective of the individual (subject-object, intersubjective,
subjective) and from the positions of the mass consciousness (active positive, indifferent and active negative). A
healthy personality is characterised based on conceptual fundamentals of humanistic psychology.
It is determined that the provision of successful vocational training of highly qualified and competent
civil safety specialists is facilitated by the humanization of the educational process and the humanization of
the content of the training itself. The role of health value, health preservation as a worldview orientation of
future civil safety professionals, contributing to the development of occupational health and the overall
healthy personality of the specialist are substantiated.
Further research on this issue involves examining the results of the practical implementation of the
ideas of the humanistic paradigm in education and the humanization of the content of education of future
professionals in the field of civil safety by means of healthcare and value attitude to health.

pdf (Українська)
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