e-lerning, informational and educational environment
cloud technology
virtual environment
cloud-oriented environment of the teacher
the student's individual educational environment
distance learning
information and computer technology
information space


This paper gives an overview of the current problems of the formation of cloud technologies based
educational environment in the development of e-learning. The authors explore available theoretical
developments in this area, consider methodological basis and technical options for the implementation of
"cloud" based educational services. Nowadays it is difficult to argue that cloud-based technologies are
incredibly in demand and are actively developing. A cloud computing technology refers to a technology that
allows you to combine IT resources of various hardware platforms into a single whole and allows the user to
access them via the Internet.
Both positive and negative aspects of introducing cloud technologies into the educational process are
examined from the technical, technological, didactic and economic view. Particular attention is paid to the
topics that are directly included in the educational process or supporting its tasks, whose effectiveness can be
increased if cloud services are introduced. In addition, several ways to implement this approach are
proposed, based on the widespread cloud service delivery models.
The paper also considers how cloud technologies provide the implementation of individual, group and
collective forms of network interaction, the creation of a communication environment for the interaction of
teachers and students in order to acquire new knowledge, control, evaluation and, in general, contribution to
improving the level of professional training of various fields specialists.
Analytical review allows the authors to formulate conclusions about the timeliness and need for
research in the field of modern educational process, to identify the main prospects for the use of cloud
technologies in professional activities
The overview of the state of the problem of formation of educational environment based on cloud
technologies in the development of e-learning is given in this paper. The authors explore the available
theoretical developments in this area, consider methodological basis and technical options for the
implementation of educational services based on the "cloud".

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