Creating electronic educational resources for students of technical higher education institutions using SharePoint Designer
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electronic educational resources
student training
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer


The article addresses the problem and advisability of creating electronic educational resources for
students in higher education. The author proves in his article that the quality training of students is not
possible without the use of electronic educational resources.
In the course of training, the teacher must not only give knowledge, but also teach future specialists to
learn, and find sources of additional knowledge independently. This calls for a new model of education
based on modern information technologies, which not only facilitates access to information but also
reinforces the educational system.
The author argues that electronic learning has some didactic advantages over paper-based learning.
The electronic educational resource has a hypertext structure and is more convenient to use in the
educational process, since the use of hypertext makes it possible to overcome the limitations inherent in text
teaching materials. Information retrieval and assimilation are greatly facilitated, resulting in an efficient
understanding of the content of particular materials.
In this connection, the possibility of providing university students with electronic educational
resources created in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer environment was explored. For this purpose,
the training manual «Metrological Measurements» created in the Microsoft Office Word environment was
used. The author describes in detail how to do the preparatory work in the Word environment. A description
of the creation of an e-learning resource in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer environment is
accompanied by the necessary images and explanations.
In the article, the author describes only one of the options for providing institutions of higher
education with electronic educational resources and plans to further explore the means of creating electronic
educational resources.

pdf (Українська)
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