Legal limits of the autonomy of higher education institutions while developing educational programs
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autonomy of institution of higher education
legal limits
restriction of rights
educational program
higher education standard
implementation of educational program


The article deals with the issues of the legal regulation of the activities of higher education institutions
in the development, implementation, monitoring, updating and revision of educational programs. The paper
mentions the features of the implementation of the powers of higher education institutions within the context of
such legal constructions as "the limits of legal regulation" and "restriction of rights". The elements of each
direction of the autonomy of institutions of higher education in the formation of educational programs are
analyzed in detail. The mechanism of implementation of the provisions of general and special laws in the field
of higher education in the local legal acts is considered, namely the main directions which should form the
internal regulatory framework; the necessity of higher education teachers’ and students’ participation in the
given process is substantiated. The process of creating specializations, the procedure for their approval by the
Academic Council of higher education institutions, the specifics of the creation of specialization groups, the
structure and distribution of responsibilities in such groups in the creation of specializations, their participation
in constructing and implementing educational programs are analyzed. Clear boundaries, forms and directions of
formalization of the real legal relations that arise at the present stage of development of higher education in the
field of formation of educational programs through the prism of the implementation of the principle of
autonomy by higher education institutions are established. The provisions of general and special laws in which
the legal limits of the autonomy of institutions higher education are established while developing (designing)
educational programs are systematized, a comparative analysis of the influence of normative legal acts, having
a higher legal force, on the formation of the local legal framework and the role of the legal service in
systematization, review and updating of the internal regulations and rules of the higher education institution is
conducted. In the context of monitoring, reviewing and updating educational programs, the vectors for
improving the educational process are singled out while interacting with students, employers, teachers and
other stakeholders who are interested in creating an effective and science-driven educational program which is
as close as possible to the industry requirements.

pdf (Українська)
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